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project attributes

Management and business are related with a project. Project Management is a part of business in this era. Most of the business is a part of project.

what is a project?

According to Clements & Gido, a project is an endeavour to accomplish a specific objective through a unique set of interrelated task and the effective utilization of resources.

Based on that definition, we can underline the word ‘objective’ in that statement. The objective is one of the attribute to help define a project.

So, we can deep a look into what are the project attributes. The following attributes are:

1) a project need a well-defined objective.

This means the objective of a project is usually defined in terms of scope, schedule, and cost. An organization doing a project need to set up a good objective. this objective will be help that organization to identify their needs and their aim before begin their project.

2) a project is carried out through a series of interdependent tasks.

a project always relate with various tasks. for that reason, a project need to be accomplished in a certain sequence in order to achieve the project objective.

3) Utilizes various resources

project also dealing with various resources which include different people, organizations, equipments, materials, and facilities.

4) a project has specific time-frame

every project has a start and end. For that reason, an organization need to consider the effectiveness and efficiency of their time during the implementation of project

5) a project may be unique or one-time endeavour

each of project has different types of project shape. some projects, like designing and building a space station, are unique because they have never before been attempted. this uniqueness can be a challenge to the subject who perform the project.

6) a project has customer

The customer is the entity that provides the funds necessary to accomplish the project.  So, an organization who involved with a project must be make their customer satisfy and happy.

7) project involves degree of uncertainty

An organization who involved in the project, need to calculate the risk of the project. This is for prevent from loss and also make sure the project can run smoothly and successfully.

In conclusion, good project implementation begin with the understanding of the project attributes. If it can be very good implemented, it can make the project done successfully.


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